50 Ways to become a better Graphic Designer

Posted: January 9, 2011 in SERPIHan

50 Ways to become a better Graphic Designer

A great list for those you want to pursue graphic designer career or if you are already a certified designer you might forget this simple stuff to simplify your talents.
Don’t get stuck before you’ve started: get some good ideas.
1. Metaphors
2. Don’t take all day to brainstorm
3. Get off that computer
4. Join forum
5. Think brand
6. Use a sketchbook
7. Get your specs straight
8. Draw a map
9. Rough it out
10. Take a shower
11. Stay on top of the latest happenings
12. Keep to web standards
13. Make a library
14. Save. Save. Save. Save again
15. Collaborate
16. Do it right first time
17. Save your repeated actions
18. Your assets’ greatest asset
19. Simplify
20. Experience is everything
21. Naming files
22. Gradients in Flash
23. Another Layer of Photoshop Cake
24. Use a pen and paper
25. Play with Color. Like no other
26. Buy a new computer
27. More RAM
28. Get more plug ins
29. Gradients in Photoshop
30. Learn more
31. Ask your friend
32. Do some Acrobatics
33. Add texture
34. Bring a little shade in
35. Take a Break. Then Stare Until your eyes hurt
36. Stop. STOP!
37. Print finishes
38. Prepare yourself
39. Proof read
40. Return to the brief
41. Never ever rely on the spell checker
42. Work with clients, not against them
43. Re re read
44. Stick to the brief like honey sticks to toast
45. Specifics
46. Do what you do best
47. Keep a back up of everything
48. Never assume anything
49. Justify yourself
50. Don’t over sell yoursel


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